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I was born in Saratov, Russia. Theatre was my first love. When I told my mom that I wanted to become an actress instead of a doctor, we had a major argument. As a result, I cut my long hair very short and was accepted as a student in the theatrical department of Saratov State Conservatory (short hair fit perfectly for the monologue of Jeanne D'Arc). My mom had to give in. After spending 2 years there, I decided to continue my education as an actress in France. Over the course of 3 years, I learned French and graduated from a High School of Theatre in Bordeaux. Then, I worked in numerous European theatres such as the Grand Theatre of Luxembourg, the National Theatre of Bordeaux, and the National Theatre of Limoges, among others. After my European period, I moved to Moscow, where I continued working in theatre. In 2019, I moved to New York City and continued my career as an actress, dancer and singer. 

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